Join Me at the AYE Conference

I’ve been invited to be a guest presenter at this year’s Amplifying Your Effectiveness Conference (AYE). I’m honored to join the AYE hosts and the other guest presenters, all of whom I’ve known and admired for years.

AYE is a unique, powerful conference based on experiential learning, and focused on amplifying our ability to bring our unique talents more fully to work that matters. I’ve attended AYE twice before, and both times came away with helpful, practical tools and ideas, renewed energy, and new friends. If you have found value in the things you’ve read on my web site, then you’re just the kind of person AYE was created for. I highly recommend it.

I will present two workshops: Resistance as a Resource and Putting Your Power to Work. If you’re a regular reader, you know that these topics are my great passions.

Join me and 100 wonderful people in Phoenix, Arizona, November 5–8, for four days of powerful learning, conversations, and fun.

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