Developing Agile Teams

Update: Note the new date for the workshop.

Join Elisabeth Hendrickson and me for our Developing Agile Teams workshop in Mountain View, California on March 1 and 2, 2007:

Developing Agile Teams
This 2-day experiential workshop teaches participants how to apply Agile principles to increase speed of delivery. The workshop begins with an overview of Agile values, practices, and methodologies. Participants then practice increasing Agility on a simulated project. After the simulation, participants explore how to apply their new insights to their real world projects. We wrap up with demonstrations of open source tools commonly used by Agile teams. In the introduction, participants learn about core Agile values such as feedback and collaboration, common practices such as incremental delivery and continuous integration, and popular methods including XP and Scrum. We bust common misconceptions about Agile, such as the "no documentation" and "no QA" myths. And we define Agility in terms of the key characteristics that Agile teams all share, regardless of the "brand name" of their methodology. In the simulation, participants create and sell a product entirely on paper (no programming skills required). Each participant chooses a role on the team: product manager, developer, tester, or observer. In a series of iterations, the team attempts to deliver a product that the customer is willing to buy. Each successful delivery generates revenue for the company. But as with real projects, producing a working product on a tight schedule can be challenging. After each iteration, participants reflect on key events, then adjust their team practices to increase their productivity for the next iteration. As a result of the simulation, participants learn to apply the principles of visibility, feedback, communication, and collaboration to increase their rate of delivery. After the simulation, we explore how participants can adopt Agile practices on their real projects with real schedules, real budgets, and real pressures. We demonstrate how open source tools for testing and continuous integration help Agile teams to deliver the right product at the right time. By the end of the workshop, participants will understand how to translate core Agile values into real world practices.

This workshop is practical, powerful, insightful, and fun. Spread the word.

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