October 2014

Using Git With Subversion Repositories


June 2010

Problem Statement Smells


December 2008

Testing is an Information Service


January 2005

The Ladder of Delegation


June 2004

Agility and Service

May 2004

Interacting Flows: Value, Authority, and Communication

January 2004

My Favorite Books of 2003


December 2003

Appreciate the Work

A Simple Measurement

November 2003

Plan for the Present

September 2003

The Null Process

Risk and Commitment

August 2003

Estimates Are Not Commitments

July 2003

Sustaining a Group

Open Space Technology

June 2003

Defining Project Success

Congruence and the Prime Directive

The Second Directive

The Value Question

May 2003

The Cheeseburger Talk

April 2003

Banish the Scope Creep

Turning to One Another

Reversing the Definition Game

March 2003

Joy, Value, and Meaning